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Sahid University Jakarta has 5 Faculties and Postgraduate. There are 12 study programs that provide options for prospective students in developing their skills and knowledge.

Diploma (D3)

Vocational skills program with a curriculum design composed of 70% of practice and 30% of theory.

Bachelor degree)

S1 program with a choice of 8 study programs according to your interests and expertise. Find your passion here.

Masters (S2)

Masters level advanced programs that connect you to a variety of studies.

Doctor (S3)

A doctoral program that trains you to do phenomenon research independently and responsibly.
To become a superior and foremost higher education institution and center for the development of science, technology and arts characterized by entrepreneurship and tourism based on morals and culture, with a national perspective and with international standards
A place for student activities outside the classroom to develop certain interests, talents and expertise.
Usahid pays special attention to research activities and encourages lecturers and students to carry out and develop various researches oriented to meet the needs of the nation.