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Sahid University (USAHID) is a member of the Sahid Group (SG), which has been around for more than 32 years with a vision and mission of becoming a university that has excellence in the field of entrepreneurship & tourism (Tourism and Entrepreneurial University). USAHID also contributes to support national development, especially through studies in the field of tourism and entrepreneurship.

The collaboration between USAHID and the industrial world strengthens synergies so that students have easy access to do practical work & research, distribute their research products to the real market and gain access to new changes in the industrial world.

Sahid University opens the Odd Semester 2021/2022 New Student Registration (September 2021 lecture), with flexible tuition payments, 100% tuition-free, immediately consult your study plans with our Education Consultants. Education level: D-III, S1, S2 and S3, various classes and programs are available: Regular and Employee Classes, Essence Programs (Advanced D-III to S1) and Modular Programs (Fast Track S1 and S2).


  • Boarding facilities around campus
  • Culinary around campus
  • Location and campus environment
  • Lecture support facilities
  • Public facilities
  • Student activity units
  • Student social activities
  • Tuition fee
  • Academic quality
  • Teacher quality
  • Educational & career counseling services

Tuition fee

The following is information on the details of Sahid University tuition fees for Diploma III and Undergraduate programs. There are many conveniences you can get after becoming a Usahid student.

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