Alumni Services


Syaifulloh, S.Sos

Head of Sub Directorate of Student & Alumni Affairs

Hello…. USAHID Alumni Fellow,

Get the USAHID Alumni Association Card (IKALUS) now.
Cards that have benefits and uses for the holder.

An overview of the IKALUS Card and how to own it

  1. As a USAHID Alumni identity card
  2. As an e-money card that can be used for transactions at merchants / areas that have used "electronic money" and in collaboration with Bank Mandiri such as Busway, Toll, Parking, Restaurant, MRT etc.
  3. The IKALUS card also functions as a discount card for merchants / products / services that have collaborated with IKALUS to provide benefits for IKALUS card holders. Currently, collaborations are being made with various products / outlets / services so that the benefits of the card will increase.
  4. The IKALUS card fee is IDR 110,000 / card
    - The JABOTABEK area includes shipping costs
    - Outside JABOTABEK, the card fee will be adjusted to the shipping cost


  • Ongkir JKT - SURABAYA via JNE Reg Rp. 19,000
    Rp. 110,000 + Rp. 19,000 = the transfer is Rp. 129,000.
  • Ongkir JKT– LAMPUNG delivery via JNE Reg Rp. 42,000
    Rp. 110,000 + Rp. 42,000 = the transfer is Rp. 152,000

IKALUS account
Mandiri Bank
No. Account: 124-00-10326719
5. Complete the IKALUS CARD with personal (close up) color photo

Alumni Colleagues,
Please fill out the registration form for ordering the IKALUS Card on the link below:–hcipA/viewform

Make sure the data filled in the FORM is the correct data.
Note: For further information and verification, please contact the IKALUS management
Ms. Ambar Kusumawardani Hp. 0878-8087-7739, or
Ms. Rina Putri Hp. 0811942049