Alumni Services


Syaifulloh, S.Sos

Head of Sub Directorate of Student & Alumni Affairs

Dear Alumni,

It is something to be proud of if you are willing to take a moment to help us in the implementation of the Tracer Study aimed at all alumni of Sahid University Jakarta.

In order to collect data on graduates, Sahid University Jakarta conducted a tracer study which is part of an identification process to determine the achievement of graduate success in terms of the relevance of the basic competencies of graduates desired by graduate users. In addition, a tracer study is an effort to obtain information on how much graduates are able to take part in society.

This tracer study is part of the stage for planning and making decisions, especially related to the implementation of the learning process, the relevance of the curriculum and the competence of graduates with the needs of the world of work. Tracer studies are considered important because they are a tool for evaluating the performance of universities and have now become one of the requirements for completing accreditation by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT).

The results of the tracer study will help universities find out the position of graduates who have been absorbed in the world of work and prepare graduates according to the competencies required in the world of work.

We are sure that you will be willing to share with your alma mater in order to continue the process of improving the quality of education in a sustainable manner.

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Thank you.