USAHID Scholarship Registration Requirements 2021

USAHID Scholarship General Terms and Conditions

  • High school graduates / equivalent in 2021 and 2020 in various majors
  • Minimum average value of report cards / diploma 7.5 semesters 1 to 5
  • Must complete education on time, with a minimum GPA of 3.25 per semester, if the IP is below the provisions, the scholarship will be evaluated in 2 semesters
  • Must be active in student activities and assist in promotional activities of any kind held by Sahid University without any compensation for the campus to provide an honorium in any form unless agreed otherwise
  • Active and creative in social media, participants must follow the official social media @usahid_jakarta @sayausahid
  • Have a good attitude and behavior and actively excel by participating in competitions outside the campus
  • Those who pass will sign a Scholarship Recipient Statement

USAHID Scholarship Special Requirements

  • Influenser / Content Creator Line: Active and creative as an Influenser / Content Creator Has a social media platform (Instagram / Tiktok / Youtube)
  • Academic Achievement: Have academic achievements at the provincial, national and international levels by attaching a championship certificate
  • Non Academic Achievement Path: Have Non Academic Achievements, in the fields of Arts, Sports, and Social by attaching a championship certificate or Having Talent / Talent or Entrepreneur / Hafiz Quran

Please Upload Registration Administration Documents:
(Documents containing Passport Photo, KTP / Receipt, Birth Certificate, Family Card, Mother's KTP, Semester 1 to 6 Report Card (for graduates 2021), Diploma (for 2020 graduates), all documents are made 1 in PDF format, maximum 10 mb)

Please Upload Scholarship CV and Certificate:
(Documents containing CV of Scholarship and Champion Certificate, all documents are put together in PDF form, maximum 10 mb)

All participants are required to make twibbon for the 2021 USAHID Scholarship Selection Participants

(Upload your best photo (neat, polite and attractive) via the link below, then post twibbon on Instagram (no later than 12 June 2021, the sooner the better) with an interesting caption, share and tag @usahid_jakarta @sayausahid and 5 friends school / relatives / relatives, and invite them to join this program)


All participants are required to make a video introducing themselves and their motivation to take part in the 2021 USAHID scholarship selection

(Video provisions: Videos are made creatively and interestingly, videos can also be made with social media applications, such as tiktok or video editing, maximum video duration is 60 seconds, videos are uploaded on Instagram / tiktok respectively (no later than 12 June 2021, the faster the better) with an interesting caption, share and tag @usahid_jakarta @sayausahid and 5 school friends / relatives / relatives, and invite them to join this program).

USAHID Scholarship Registration Form 2021

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