Usahid Scholarship Registration Form 2021

Sahid University (USAHID) is a member of the Sahid Group (SG), which has been established for more than 32 years with a vision and mission of becoming a university that has excellence in the field of entrepreneurship & tourism (Tourism and Entrepreneurial University). USAHID also contributes to support national development, especially through studies in the field of tourism and entrepreneurship. The collaboration between USAHID and the industrial world strengthens synergies so that students have easy access to do practical work & research, distribute their research products to the real market and gain access to new changes in the industrial world.

Every year USAHID opens new student registration, both for non-scholarship and scholarship channels. Responding to the current digital era, different from the previous year, Sahid University this year opened the USAHID Scholarship INFLUENCER AND CONTENT CREATOR to give appreciation to students who are active and creative through work (content) or who have fame to be able to have a positive impact through their abilities. / other motivation.

The following is a list of scholarships and other educational assistance programs:

  1. USAHID SCHOLARSHIP, opened with several pathways including Academic Achievement Path, Non Academic Achievement Pathway and INFLUENCER & CONTENT CREATOR Pathways
  2. Smart Indonesia Card - Lecture (KIP-K) This program is a tuition assistance program provided by the state in collaboration with Sahid University, this assistance is given to students who have the Indonesia Smart Card (KIP)

Choose the Scholarship Type

USAHID Scholarship

Academic Achievement Path, Non Academic Achievement Path and INFLUENCER & CONTENT CREATOR

KIP-K Scholarship

Tuition assistance program provided by the state in collaboration with Sahid University to students who have an Indonesian Smart Card (KIP)