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Socialization of Handling Covid 19 at Usahid

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Editorial team

Hasan Taswin Arief, S.Sos

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Socialization of Handling Covid 19 at Usahid

The Covid 19 pandemic, which is still not over yet, certainly needs anticipation for all parties, including the campus environment. Usahid Jakarta.

On that basis, some time ago in room 710 of the Usahid Jakarta campus, there was a Sosinitialization Handling Covid 19. The socialization was followed by cleaning service officers, security members and others at the Usahid campus.

This event was organized by LPPM Usahid Jakarta, which was led directly by the Head of the Research Institute for Community Service - LPPM Usahid Jakarta, Prof. Dr. Ir. Giyatmi Irianto, M.Si, accompanied by staff.

At the end of the event, there was a symbolic submission, namely; Hand Sanitizer made by LPPM Usahid.

For your information, on the Usahid campus too, there is already a Covid 19 Task Force. Some of the activities that have been carried out include, Rapid Tests in the Usahid Jakarta environment and routine disinfectant spraying.

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