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121 Usahid Lecturers Participate in the Covid-19 Vaccine

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Editorial team

Hasan Taswin Arief, S.Sos

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121 Usahid Lecturers Participate in the Covid-19 Vaccine

121 Jakarta Usahid Lecturers, participated in the Covid-19 Vaccine program, stage 1 starting on April 14, 2021, stage 2 on April 16, 2021 and the next stage, April 19, 2021. This is related to the plan to open face-to-face learning (PTM) in the 2021 academic year, The DKI Jakarta LLDikti (Higher Education Service Institute) plans to prepare 28 thousand Covid-19 vaccines for lecturers and non-civil servant education personnel.

The Joint Ministerial Decree (SKB) 4 has stipulated vaccinations among Educators and Education Personnel, as well as face-to-face learning (PTM) which will be carried out on a limited basis with strict health protocols. Particularly in the higher education sector, vaccination targets are aimed at lecturers and staff, both public and private universities, which are targeted to be completed in June 2021. In the implementation of learning, campuses are asked to prepare themselves for limited PTM which is carried out in a hybrid manner, because of health and safety. human education must continue to be a priority

Furthermore, the regional government together with the regional Covid-19 Task Force conducts testing if there are symptoms found and conducts tracing if a positive confirmation case is found and, temporarily closes limited face-to-face learning when a Covid-19 confirmation case is found.

The next plan, a vaccination program for Usahid Jakarta education personnel, will soon be scheduled after the vaccine program for educators or lecturers is completed.

During the implementation of the Covid-19 Vaccine program which took place in Ukrida on April 16, 2022, Jakarta Usahid Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Kholil, M.Kom.IPU, apart from participating in the Covid 19 vaccine, it was also an official visit received by the Chancellor of Ukrida. This visit was in the context of exploring the Merdeka Campus cooperation.

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