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Stay in touch with the record of Sahid University Jakarta

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Editorial team


Latest news

Stay in touch with the record of Sahid University Jakarta

IKALUS Daily Executive Board as Chairperson of IKALUS @robbytambunan, Secretary General Wimbo, Deputy Head III of Almamater & Business Partner Cooperation Development @triaji_unggul, Head IV Development of Alumni Role in Community Service @ endahlestari26, and Head of VI Communication & Media Relations @rinaputriw some time ago had the opportunity invitation to Gathering with USAHID Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Kholil, M.Kom who some time ago was appointed to replace Mr. Prof. Ir. Hardinsyah. MS. PhD

Several points for discussion related to HR development, namely

  1. Alumni's contribution to participate in raising the USAHID Flag in links owned by Alumni. So that USAHID is better known, interested and proud to be part of USAHID.
  2. Fostering Junior Adik2 in Preparation for Adik2 who will pass USAHID such as holding certification training
  3. Sahid Alumni related to Form Preparation; Cooperate and support USAHID with their willingness to contribute information to USAHID graduates who have succeeded in their fields.

Hopefully good relations and good cooperation will continue to be closely knit, so as to create superior and foremost human resources.

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