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The IKALUS Solidarity Movement

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Editorial team


Latest news

The IKALUS Solidarity Movement

Currently we are all in an uncomfortable condition due to the Covid 19 pandemic, but we need to realize and be grateful that in our inconvenience there are still brothers and sisters Usahid alumni who are really hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, including some of our sisters / i we were affected by termination of employment without severance pay and there were also small businesses that could no longer operate.

For this reason, we Ikalus Administrators would like to invite our brothers and sisters who currently have a better chance / luck than other brothers and sisters to participate in the * IKALUS Solidarity Movement *

Fund donations can be transferred through the IKALUS CARE account

* (Rina Putri Wardhani) *
*Mandiri Bank*
* No. Account: 124-00-1032671-9 *

We ask for your cooperation to add the number 84 behind your transfer nominal to make it easier to check transactions. (example: Rp. 10,084, -) If this information is unclear, please contact the IKALUS Community Service Sector IV Committee:

Army Christian Reno +62 878-8659-6828

Endah Lestari +62 813-1939-5282

Thus we convey this and for your helping hand, we thank you. May God always take care of us, keep us away from danger and always give us health. Amen. Greetings Ikalus,

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