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Indonesia Grows Resilient in Millennial Challenges

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Sahid University Building Jakarta Jl. Prof. Dr. Supomo, SH No.84 Tebet, South Jakarta 12870.

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Indonesia Grows Resilient in Millennial Challenges

Indonesia Grows Resilient in Millennial Challenges

USAHID Holds OSMARU Peak 2021 Hybrid

Mayor of Bogor – Dr. Bima Arya Sugiarto was a speaker at Sahid University's OSMARU (New Student Study Orientation), which was held in a hybrid manner on Saturday, September 11, 2021. Dr. Bima Arya Sugiarto gave a briefing on National Insights with the theme, "Indonesia Grows Tough in Millennial Challenges" in front of 600 new students moderated by Bernard Hasibuan, Ph.D - Lecturer of the Faculty of Engineering, Sahid University. Dr. Bima Arya advised new students to think ahead, set priorities, maintain consistency, be visionary, not forget local culture and be proud to be Indonesian when surfing the international world. The future must be prepared from now, not in the future. OSMARU (New Student Study Orientation) is the culmination of a series of PRA OSMARU events which were held online on Saturday, September 4, 2021.

OSMARU, which started at 08.00 – 12.00 WIB, was opened by showing a welcome to Usahid teaser accompanied by the National Anthem of Indonesia Raya and the Usahid Hymn.

A warm welcome for new students was delivered by the Rector – Prof. Dr. Ir. Kholil, M.Kom., IPU accompanied by the Vice Chancellors. That the pandemic also provides lessons for students. This condition is expected to trigger creativity and innovation of all parties, in addition to strengthening the implementation of the adaptation of new habits. Being a student means entering a new phase of life.

Also giving a speech is the General Chairperson of the Sahid Jaya Foundation – Prof. Dr. Nugroho B. Sukamdani, MBA.,BET, that being a student at Sahid University is a great opportunity to bring about change in the future. Students will learn to work together, have active discussions, throw ideas and realize many ideas that are useful for society.

The message to new students was also conveyed by the Chairperson of the Sahid Jaya Foundation Trustees – Dra. Hj. SB Wiryanti Sukamdani, CHA who stated that students can appreciate diversity and diversity, hone creativity, communicate, build relationships and collaborate, hone leadership and uphold national values, which are the learning objectives at Sahid University.

The OSMARU series of events was filled with the use of an alma mater jacket by the Chancellor to new student representatives from 5 faculties as a symbol of new students officially becoming Sahid University students. Followed by the submission of the SEBUT Scholarship (Selection of Talented Excellence Scholarship) Usahid and KIP scholarships (Kartu Indonesia Pintar) as well as the submission of Outstanding Student Awards during 2021 represented by 3 study programs namely Food Technology, Nutrition and Industrial Engineering study programs. Achievements won as Best Place for Youth Cultural Camp 2021 regional 3 prototype categories, achievements in obtaining DIKTI grant funding for the PKMPM scheme and Usahid student ambassadors at the DIKTI level. The introduction of the Student Activity Unit at Sahid University is packaged in a talk show and a glimpse of the activities of the student activity units and their achievements.

The introduction of the Principal Scientific Patterns (PIP) of Sahid University, namely Tourism and Entrepreneurship, was also conveyed to new students. Tourism & Entrepreneurship activities were discussed in talk shows by Lecturers of Sahid University, namely Ismayanti Istanto, A.Par, M.Sc, Ina G. Djamhur, M.Sc, Tanjung Prasetyo, SE., MP and Chendi Liana, SIK., MIKom with moderator Kania Ratnasari, ST., MIB.

In order to shape the character of new students so that when they graduate they have an entrepreneurial character, it will be discussed in a Sharring Session with successful alumni of Sahid University.

The announcement of the winners of the new student creativity competition, namely the twibbon competition, unboxing video and creative video, was the closing of the OSMARU (New Student Orientation) event at Sahid University.

We congratulate you on joining the big family of Sahid University, happy studying and struggling to take the lectures which will start on September 13, 2021.

Good luck, graduate on time and become a scholar in the next 4 years.

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