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Business Management Skills Training for Business Students 2021

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Editorial team

Hasan Taswin Arief, S.Sos

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Business Management Skills Training for Business Students 2021

Management Skills Training for Usahid Students 2021 - LKMM is again taking place online through the Zoom application, March 1 - 6, 2021. This annual routine event from the Jakarta Usahid KPKA Directorate was opened by the Rector of Usahid Jakarta, Prof. Dr. Ir. Kholil, M.Kom and also directions from the Deputy Chancellor III of Jakarta Usahid, Bernard Hasibuan, S.Pd, MM.Si, Ph.D.

Participants in the 2021 online LKMM consist of representatives of student management organizations, namely the Student Executive Board and the Study Program Student Association, as well as the Student Activity Unit in the Usahid Jakarta environment, with a total of 76 participants.

First material; "Organizational Management" was delivered by, Tanjung Prasetyo, SE, MP and Chendy Liana, S.Sos, M.Si. The next material, "Event Management", was delivered by, Khoirul Anwar, S.Gz, M.Si and Kania Ratnasari, ST, MIB. Furthermore, there is material: "Conflict Management" delivered by, Ira Mulyawati, ST, MT and Fahririn, SH, MH. The series of LKMM activities were then filled with assignments and closed with a discussion of the BEM, HMP and UKM Clusters which were divided into 12 groups each. All series of events are held online.

The assistance team is led by the Director of Student Affairs for Character and Alumni Development (KPKA), Nani Rohani, SH, MH and a team and a companion of students.


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