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Inauguration of the Usahid Ormawa Management

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Editorial team

Hasan Taswin Arief, S.Sos

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Inauguration of the Usahid Ormawa Management

The Directorate of Student and Character Development Student Affairs -KPKA Usahid, once again carries out a routine agenda every year, namely the Inauguration of the Student Organization Management - Ormawa within the Usahid environment.

The inauguration of the Usahid Ormawa Management was held on April 8, 2021 at the Usahid campus, attended by the Chairmen of the Ormawa. Meanwhile, the Daily Executive Board and Advisors follow it online through the Zoom application. Usahid Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Kholil, M.Kom, IPU.

The Ormawa administrators who were inaugurated consisted of administrators of BEM and HMP of each Faculty as well as administrators of the Student Activity Unit in the Usahid Jakarta environment. In total there are 31 Ormawa, consisting of; BEM 5 Faculties, Senate 3 Faculties, HMP 12 and UKM 11.

Also attending and giving directions on the occasion, Director of KPKA Usahid Jakarta, Nani Rohani, SH. Previously there was also a Sharring Session from Khoirul Anwar, S.Gz, M.Si (Head of Usahid's Fatepakes Nutrition Study Program).

Usahid's entire academic community said; "Congratulations and Always Success for Ormawa Administrators".


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