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Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Drafting Training

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Editorial team

Hasan Taswin Arief, S.Sos

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Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Drafting Training

Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Drafting Training, held by LPPM Usahid Jakarta, 27-28 August 2018 at the Usahid Jakarta campus, room 710. As a resource person, Mhd. Hendra Wibowo (IPB Patent Drafter / Member of the KI Facilitator Team, Directorate of KI Management of the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology) and Luluk Annisa (IPB Patent Drafter).
The training was opened by the Jakarta Usahid Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Hardinsyah, MS as well as giving a speech. Previously there was also an introduction from the Head of the Usahid Jakarta Community Service Research Institute (LPPM), Prof. Dr. Ir. Giyatmi Irianto, M.Si. The first day, the material presented was; Introduction to IP Systems and Management continued with the material: "How to search patent documents? (theory and practice).
The second day, the material presented, namely; "How to write a patent document? (theory and practice) ”. This material discusses: Patent description systematics; Tips on writing patent descriptions; Practice writing patent descriptions. Furthermore, there are materials, namely; Online registration / recording of IP (theory and practice). In this material discussed about; Online Copyright Registration (e-Copyright) and Manual and online Patent Registration (e-filing).