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Usahid Chancellor, Prof.Dr.Ir.Kholil; “Concept 3A Keys to Success in an Era of Uncertainty”

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Sahid University Building Jakarta Jl. Prof. Dr. Supomo, SH No.84 Tebet, South Jakarta 12870.

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Usahid Chancellor, Prof.Dr.Ir.Kholil; “Concept 3A Keys to Success in an Era of Uncertainty”

Faculty of Communication Sciences, University of Sahid Jakarta, held the Fikom Decree #24 Webinar with the theme; “The Power of 3A Public Relations To Be A Winner in VUCA Era 2021, 3 July 2021”. This event was officially opened by the Chancellor of Usahid Jakarta, Prof.Dr.Ir.Kholil, M.Kom, IPU.

The VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) era is a challenge for all industry players, especially for Public Relations (PR).

The 3A concept (Adopt, Adapt, and Adept) is something that a PR needs to master in order to face the VUCA Era so that they can adopt technological developments according to their time, one of which is through Digital Marketing.

Three competent speakers were presented; Karnanda Kurniardhi (Head of Internal Relations Dept. Corporate Communications PT Astra International Tbk), Yuditia Hendrawan (Digital Marketing Lead at PT Sidomuncul Tbk) and Khairul Anwar (Marketing & Communications Speciallist with 10 years of Hotels Experience).

Karnanda Kurniardhi explained that 3A is a concept that needs to be done by PR practitioners to deal with all forms of change because there is no certainty other than the change itself.

PR practitioners have an important role in the VUCA Era to maintain and build the reputation and positive image of the company. One of the systems implemented by Astra is the Astra Communications Management System (ACMS) which aims to upgrade and maintain a positive image and reputation through the Individual Competition Assessment and the Company's Assessment.

Khairul Anwar as Marketing & Communications Speciallist with 10 years of Hotels Experience also explained that innovation is very much needed in the world of marketing by continuing to learn to see all forms of change that occur.

“Try to continue to learn to deal with all changes, one of which is by changing your mindset so that you can “embrace” change. Anyone has the ability to adopt the evolving circumstances of the VUCA Era,” he explained.

Indeed, the Covid-19 pandemic has become a challenge for industry players, including PT Sidomuncul Tbk, which demands marketing practitioners to do 3A, one of which is through Digital Marketing, which plays an important role.

Since 2020 PT Sidomuncul Tbk has continued to develop Digital Marketing and Digital Sales Channels until the Tolak Angin product has become one of the products of PT Sidomuncul Tbk which is widely discussed on social media organically reaching 62% outperforming its competitors.

"Thus 3A is the most important concept that must be mastered in order to face the VUCA Era by looking at insights and opportunities to increase company relevance," said Yuditia Hendrawan.

Meanwhile, in his introductory remarks before the start of the Webinar, Usahid Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Ir. Kholil, M.Kom, IPU, said that adopt, adapt and adapt or adoption, adaptation and skill (3A) is the key to success in this era of uncertainty.

"The objective condition currently being faced is that there is a very fast change and growing situation and complexity of problems due to the era of disruption, which includes three eras, namely the era of disruption facing industrial 4.0, the era of disruption facing the COVID-19 pandemic, and the era of disruption to digital society," he explained. Furthermore.

Furthermore, he said, all of this demands adaptation, so that the world of public relations or public relations must find a new strategy to adapt immediately appropriately, quickly and swiftly because otherwise it will be out of date.

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