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SPS Usahid – IAS Opens MM Concentration on Air Transportation Management

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Sahid University Building Jakarta Jl. Prof. Dr. Supomo, SH No.84 Tebet, South Jakarta 12870.

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SPS Usahid – IAS Opens MM Concentration on Air Transportation Management

Usahid Graduate School together with Indonesia Aviation School, held a Webinar with the theme; “The Urgency of Aviation Personnel Needs”, takes place online via the Zoom application, July 29, 2021.

It was opened by the Director of the Usahid Graduate School, Dr. Marlinda Irwanti Poernomo, M.Sc. This webinar is intended to provide insight into the importance of fulfilling the prerequisites for prospective workers or workers to enter or continue to work in the aviation industry and business. In addition, to introduce a Masters level study program with a concentration in Air Transportation Management, as an initial capital for career development in the world of Aviation.

The first resource person, Prof.Dr.Ir. Anton Adibroto, MSc, discusses Aviation Personnel for the Improvement of the Civil Aviation World. Moderator, Capt. Toto Hardiyanto, Ph.D.

Furthermore, two resource persons are shown, namely; Dr.Afen Sena, M.Si and Elfi Amir, SiT, SE, MM with the material; "The Need for Future Aviation Human Resources". As Moderator, Budi Hendro Setiyono, responder; Harjoso Tjatur Prijanto, MM.

In the following session, material related to the MM Air Transportation Management Concentration Program presented by the MM SPS Usahid Study Program Team, with Capt. Dr. Toto Soebandoro as the moderator and Capt. Toto Hardiyanto, Ph.D as the responder.

Just for your information, the Usahid Graduate School and the Indonesia Aviation School are collaborating to organize a Masters in Management education with a concentration in Air Transportation. New student registration has been accepted for the odd semester of TA.2021/2022 which will start in September 2021. Supported by a teaching team from aviation practitioners, regulators, academics as well as professional organizations and the aviation industry.

The opening of the Master of Management program with the concentration of Air Transportation Management, among other reasons, is the need for human resources who have adequate work competencies, namely knowledge, skills and attitudes or work behavior in accordance with standards or best practices applied in the air/air transportation industry.

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