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SPS Usahid holds Communications MasterCamp Series Two

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Sahid University Building Jakarta Jl. Prof. Dr. Supomo, SH No.84 Tebet, South Jakarta 12870.

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SPS Usahid holds Communications MasterCamp Series Two

The Usahid Graduate School, again held; Communications MasterCamp (CMC) Become a Master in Communications, where webinars are divided into three series. The first series took place on June 30, 2021. The second series was held on July 28, 2021, with the speakers; Benny Butarbutar M.Si (Media & Communication Advisor Bulog), Dian Agustine Nuriman M.Ikom, IAPR (Founder of NAGARU Communication, CEO of UBC – Private Island Resort), Devi Roza Kausar, Ph.D, (Dean of the Faculty of Tourism, Pancasila University ), Dr. Andi Munaswir Intan, M.Si (Member of the Maluku Provincial DPRD) and Drs. Arief. H. Thamrin MM (Former Chairman of the TVRI Board and Directors of Private TV). Webinar with Moderator Dr. Hayu Lusinawati M.Si, this was started by an introduction by the Director of SPS Usahid, Dr. Marlinda Purnomo, M Si.

Director of SPS Usahid Dr. Marlinda Irwanti Purnomo M.Si, explained that these three series must be followed because they are a series of the world of communication that features five concentrations in the Master of Communication Studies (MIK) namely marketing communications, tourism communications, new media communications and journalism, political communication and corporate communication / PR.

This activity will be carried outaevery year by Postgraduate Sahid and will collaborate with several other universities, why do postgraduates carry out this activity, firstly ComMasterCamp (CMC) is a form of concern for SPS/MIK Usahid to spread knowledge and inspiration as written in the tagline 21 Years of MIK Usahid. Second, as a form of our appreciation and concern for the world of communication. Third, the world of communication is very "Universal and Global" by studying five concentrations of MIK Postgraduate Sahid, knowledge can be used according to the participants' career passions".

“This webinar is a concern to spread knowledge and inspiration. He appealed to the participants to listen to the five concentrations of MIK Usahid according to the participants' passion,” explained Dr. Marlinda.

For your information, the third series of Com MasterCamp (CMC) Usahid Graduate School, is scheduled to take place in mid-August.

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