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Brings the theme "The Importance of Superior Human Resources" SPS Usahid Holds OSMARU 2021 Hybrid

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Sahid University Building Jakarta Jl. Prof. Dr. Supomo, SH No.84 Tebet, South Jakarta 12870.

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Brings the theme "The Importance of Superior Human Resources" SPS Usahid Holds OSMARU 2021 Hybrid


The Graduate School of Sahid University (SPS USAHID) held a hybrid OSMARU (New Student Study Orientation) on Saturday, September 4, 2021. The event to welcome new students in the odd semester of the 2021/2022 academic year was attended by more than 80 new students from Master of Management & Master of Sciences communication and doctoral doctorate in communication science. Hybrid Event is an event concept that combines physical and virtual meetings.

OSMARU, which started at 10.00 – 12.00 WIB in the 5th floor SPS Sahid Sudirman Residence meeting room, was attended by the General Chairperson of the Sahid Jaya Foundation – Prof. Dr. Nugroho B. Sukamdani, Director of SPS – Dr. Marlinda Irwanti Poernomo, SE., M.Si, Deputy Director of SPS – Dr. Jamalallil, Ka. MIK Study Program – Dr. Hifni Alifahmi, Ka. MM Study Program – Dr. Fauziah, Ka. DIK Study Program – Dr. Ridzki R. Sigit, Secretary of DIK Study Program – Dr. Rahtika Diana, SPS secretariat team and new student representatives from MIK, MM and DIK study programs. The new student representatives who attended were dressed in alma mater jackets by the General Chairperson of the Sahid Jaya Foundation and the Director of SPS as a symbolic sign of officially becoming USAHID SPS students.

At the start of OSMARU, a welcome teaser to SPS USAHID was shown accompanied by the national anthem Indonesia Raya. Director of SPS – Dr. Marlinda Irwanti Poernomo, SE., M.Si in her speech said welcome and welcome to new students as Master and Doctoral candidates for SPS USAHID. SPS which was established in 1997 has a Master of Management study program with concentrations in Digital Marketing, Digital Finance, Human Resources, Tourism, Occupational Health and Safety Management (MK3L), Tourism Destination Development and Air Transportation Management. Continued in 2000, SPS opened a Master of Communication Studies program with concentrations in Marketing Communication, Tourism Communication, Corporate Communication/Public Relations, Political Communication and New Media Journalism. And in 2007 SPS developed a Doctor of Communication Studies Program with concentrations in Corporate Communication, Political Communication & Diplomacy, Media Communication, Communication and Information Technology and Business Communication. And until now, the Graduate School of Sahid University is the only private university in Indonesia that organizes a Doctor of Communication Studies program.

On that occasion Dr. Marlinda also said that a guest lecture would be held in September with Prof. Timothy Dallen, PhD from Arizona State University and Prof. Benny Tjahjono, Phd. From Conventry University to enrich the insights of USAHID Postgraduate students.

Virtually also attended the Chairman of the Trustees of the Sahid Jaya Foundation – Dra. Sarwo Budi Wiryanti Sukamdani, CHA who gave an explanation about the importance of Superior HR. That to realize Indonesia's 2045 vision to become a high-income country and the world's largest economy requires high quality human resources, productivity and mastery of science and technology. Government policies must be conducive to mobilizing the private sector to increase investment in the education sector and the government must also prioritize Character Education and the Practice of Pancasila.

The OSMARU SPS series closed with a visual explanation of the distance learning learning method using the Siakad and Edlink platforms, so that students can conduct lectures well and smoothly which will start on September 13, 2021. Followed by orientation of study programs in room zoom guided by each each head of the study program explaining the study program curriculum, learning outcomes, final assignments, study contracts, lecture schedules and others to motivate students to graduate on time.

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