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Webinar Wind of Change Tourism Industry 2021

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Sahid University Building Jakarta Jl. Prof. Dr. Supomo, SH No.84 Tebet, South Jakarta 12870.

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Webinar Wind of Change Tourism Industry 2021

How is the performance of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Indonesia in facing the challenges in the 2021 Era? What strategies will be discussed later?

In the Webinar Communications Series #7, Faculty of Communication, Sahid University, Jakarta, everything will be reviewed with the theme; “WIND OF CHANGE TOURISM INDUSTRY 2021”.

Presented resource persons; Budhi Toffi, M. Par (Founder of the ExotiKei Community), Ismayanti, S.Tr.Par., M.Sc (Tourism Consultant & Writer) and Ferdian Indrayana
(GM Luminor Hotel Banyuwangi).

Budhi Tolfi, M Par as the Founder of the ExotiKei Community, said that many people are actually already bored in the midst of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

So, continued Budhi, all related parties concerned with tourism should prepare many things, especially what domestic and foreign tourists will look for. All that must be prepared as well as possible.

“Tourists usually break away from boredom and look for beaches. Until now, many have been bored because of being locked up. This will someday during a pandemic, everyone will release that boredom to reflect on the brain," said Budhi Tolfi at the webinar discussion.

There are still many who are interested in marine tourism, they want to swim, snorkel, and dive. They will look for a place with lots of beautiful beaches. Especially in Eastern Indonesia, of course, there are many recommendations and they will be looking for it. Where they can release boredom by enjoying nature,” added Budhi.

In addition, Budhi said that tourists will also look for tours that offer many things about challenging adventures.

“They also like adventure, clubbing, hiking, or adrenaline-fueling tours. They will also seek from a spiritual point of view. for them to be alone and meditate. They can do yoga, so it's just a matter of how sustainable it is. So that they are really comfortable,” explained Budhi.

"Then they also want to make handicrafts there, well, they, namely tourists, also want to be involved in the process of making them, now that must be developed," explained Budhi.

Meanwhile, Ismayanti, said there were things that could be done to at least make the tourism industry run. Anyone can play a role in any way. Including ways to advertise about a tourist attraction.

“We can be volunteers. For example, so that friends think, let's at least shop from the place (local products). Build a network to be creative. There are many places where collaboration can be done. Follow the wbinar and take the knowledge of the resource persons," said Ismayanti.

“I feel that with WFH, my intensity in participating in webinars is even more intense. With many discussions, many ideas will emerge, there are many things that can be checked on the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy's social media, for example about the creative economy sector, everything is there," added Ismayanti.

Talking about promoting tourism, Ismayanti said create interesting content. Ismayanti continued, content in which there is interaction which then gets information.

"About virtual tours, of course you have to create unique content, so that it makes people ask a lot of questions. So that later there will be space and interaction. We can (create content) ask the guide who takes us for a walk. Just tell me the situation. We will also try to practice. for example, how to fold the correct batik. So, don't fold batik at random. So that those who see it will be interested," said Ismayanti.

Ferdian Indrayana as GM Luminor Hotel Banyuwangi explained that in this COVID-19 pandemic, creativity is prioritized. For example at a hotel, Ferdian said he could do promos and give attractive discounts.

“In any situation what is needed is that creativity cannot stop and hope cannot stop in a PPKM situation. There are many ways to keep hospitality running and not slumped. For example, for example, giving a discount for those who have been vaccinated, it could also be a discount for holders of evidence that have been antigen-treated and so on, it is important to keep creative. The point is that there must also be hope," said Ferdian Indrayana

The hope is that through this Webinar with the main target of participants being millennials, it is able to increase understanding related to tourism and the hospitality industry, especially during a pandemic like today. As MCs, for this Webinar, Tara Gianina Monica and Grace Jane Odilia are moderators.

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