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FEB Usahid is a modern, dynamic, and friendly campus suitable as a place to forge knowledge for potential nation leaders. The Usahid FEB campus is in the city center and provides easy access to it.

FEB Usahid prioritizes excellent service to prepare qualified human resources with supporting facilities and infrastructure. Maintenance and construction efforts are continuously being made to provide the best for the successor to the baton of the struggle. Until now, development has continued to be carried out as an effort to welcome an international class campus.

In addition, FEB Usahid is a place where multi-culture meets integrated into extended family ties. This diversity provides dynamism in campus environment. This is reflected in the diverse and complementary activities of students. This dynamic and diverse atmosphere shows that FEB Usahid is a miniature of the life of the Indonesian nation.

To ensure that it is easy for everyone to come and visit the campus environment, complete and detailed information is required. Providing complete and comprehensive information about the two locations of the FEB Usahid campus and how to access them is one of the important things to make FEB Usahid a campus that is open and friendly to everyone. This will be very helpful for all parties to identify and visit all the facilities and infrastructure contained in the Usahid FEB campus.

Therefore, information about the direction and position of the FEB Usahid campus which is contained in the Campus Map is a necessity. In addition, information regarding the number of study programs and facilities requires a comprehensive campus map. This section will also present how to access Usahid's FEB from various important positions, from the airport, the city center of Jakarta to road directions that must be followed.

Study program

Following are the programs available under the Faculty of Economics and Business;

S1 Management (SM)

  • Hotel management
  • Tourism Management
  • Financial management
  • Marketing Management

S1 Accounting (S.Ak)

Faculty Leaders

Dean of FE
Dr. Ir. Sihono Dwi Waluyo, MSi

Deputy Dean of FE
Titin Astuti, SE. MSi

Ka. Management Study Program
Dewi Anggraini, SE., MM, Ak

Regular Afternoon Class Coordinator and Extension Class
Kasman, SE., MM

Deputy for Management Study Program
Farida, SE., MP

Deputy for Accounting Study Program
Tris Handriman Jamain, SE., MM

Laboratory Coordinator, Faculty of Economics
Uuh Sukaesih, Ir., M.Si