Soepomo Campus




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The vision of the Faculty of Food Technology and Health is to become a faculty that excels in the field of Food Technology and Health, characterized by entrepreneurship and tourism.


  • Carrying out higher education through a quality education and teaching system characterized by entrepreneurship and tourism in producing superior human resources in the field of Food and Health Technology
  • Carrying out research and community service activities in the field of Food Technology and Health characterized by entrepreneurship and tourism.
  • Organizing collaborative activities with various stakeholders.


  • To make superior graduates who have the ability, creativity and comprehension in applying the Food and Health Technology fields.
  • Produce graduates who are able to identify, process and analyze agricultural products and manage Food and Health Technology.
  • Producing graduates who have an entrepreneurial spirit, especially in the field of Food Technology and Health
  • Producing graduates with national character and insight.
  • Forming a network of collaborative partnerships that are synergistic with various stakeholders in the context of developing the field of Food and Health Technology.

Study program

Following are the programs available under the Faculty of Food and Health Technology;

  • S1 Food Technology
  • S1 Nutrition

Faculty Leaders

Dean of Food Technology and Health
Ir. Mohammad Sabariman, M.Si

Deputy Dean
Dr. Rahmawati, ST, MSi

Ka. Food Technology Study Program
Zukhrawardi, Ir., MSi

Ka. Nutrition Study Program
Dr.Dadi Maskar.ST.MSi

Extension Class Coordinator
Muhammad Fajri, SSI., MSi

Laboratory Coordinator
Intan Nurul Azni, SKM., M.Si