Syaifulloh, S.Sos

Head of Sub Directorate of Student & Alumni Affairs

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The Nutrition Student Association (Himagizi) Universitsa Sahid Jakarta is an organization that brings together undergraduate nutrition students in fostering and developing the character of their students with the principle of kinship together with the aim of carrying out the vision - mission of Himagizi in the 2020-2021 period.

Himagizi's vision

"Making Himagizi Universitas Sahid Jakarta useful for everyone and upholding values and enthusiasm in togetherness, kinship that is active, professional and innovative"

Himagizi's mission:

  • Conducting social activities to increase humanity and kinship.
  • To accommodate the aspirations of nutrition students.
  • Establishing communication and cooperation with other associations related to professionalism and togetherness.
  • Continuing work programs that have not been implemented, developing or improving new ideas and improving joint performance.
  • Making deliberation the basis for making decisions.

This year, Himagizi Sahid University Jakarta is the second period in its management and Himagizi plays a role in the development and introduction of the University of Sahid Jakarta, especially the nutrition study program outside the University. This introduction aims at Senior High Schools (SMA) or equivalent, universities, as well as the wider community throughout Indonesia. This is aimed at maintaining the existence of Sahid University and Usahid himagizi.

Therefore, Himagizi Sahid University Jakarta has compiled several work programs that aim to carry out the vision and mission of the organization and play an active role in the University environment in efforts to develop and introduce Sahid University Jakarta, especially nutrition study programs outside the University.

The aim of the Himagizi Sahid University Jakarta

  • Introducing Himagizi and the Nutrition Study Program of the Sahid University Jakarta with seminars and competitions.
  • Introducing Himagizi and the Universits Sahid Jakarta Nutrition Study Program to the community in the form of community service.
  • Introducing Himagizi and the Sahid University Jakarta Nutrition Study Program to other nutrition student organizations in the form of cooperation and organizational discussions.