Syaifulloh, S.Sos

Head of Sub Directorate of Student & Alumni Affairs


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Himastel is an extension of the hospitality student association in the faculty of economics and business at Sahid University. In 2004 Himastel & Himaspar joined in a one department student association. Then Mr. Agus Ridwan initiated to separate the groups into groups according to their respective majors. From then on, the himastels were formed.

Himastel's vision

Bringing Himalayan to become a more active student organization, an organization that helps develop the intellect of students majoring in hospitality and can become a forum for aspirations for activities for hotel management students at Sahid University Jakarta.


  • Organizing activities that support students to be active and creative in the academic field.
  • Extending communication information and knowledge to students majoring in hospitality management.
  • Organizing activities that can develop a "scientific and racial" mindset for students majoring in hotel management.
  • Organizational achievement targets.
  • Himastel Universitas Sahid Jakarta can be known by the external environment.
  • Providing services for administrators and members of the Sahid University Jakarta Hymnal in order to increase human resources.

Organizational Achievement Targets

  • The Himastel of Sahid University Jakarta can be recognized by the external environment.
  • Providing services for administrators and members of the Sahid University Jakarta Hymnal in order to increase human resources.

How To Reach:

  • Organizing seminars, training and competitions related to the academic field.
  • Organizing comparative studies to universities and industrial visits.
  • The measure of success.
  • The plan of the work program can be implemented successfully and the target of each work program is achieved 100%.

This association is specifically for hotel students who want to increase their knowledge, skills and values. This association has an agenda in each period, one of the big events in this association is MBC (Making Bed Competition). Until now, this association is still actively carried out with various activities each period.

Himastel Activities

1. Talk Show & Workshop Late Art Coffe
The theme of this event is inspiring art in a coffee on Thursday, July 18, 2019, the name of the speaker Oscar francysco poluan which was attended by 45 external internal participants.

2. Making Bed & Towel Art
The theme of this event is les't be creative housekeeper on Wednesday 9 October 2019 attended by 3 judges, namely Agus Imron, Rizal Zulhijah, Dedi Andress. There are 60 participants in this competition from various Vocational High Schools (SMK) in Jakarta.

3. Webinar New Normal New Business
The theme of this event is business opportunities in the new normal era which will be held on Saturday 17 October 2020 via online the speakers of this event are Sukmawati, Revardi Syahputra. This event was attended by 136 participants. This event is the only event that is new because it is online based.

Himastel once participated in the Making Bed & Towel art competition, which was sending 2 children to Himastel. This competition was held at the Hope University.