Syaifulloh, S.Sos

Head of Sub Directorate of Student & Alumni Affairs


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The Food Technology Student Association (HIMATEPA) is an intra-university organization that accommodates students of the Food Technology Study Program. HIMATEPA is an organization engaged in the professional field at the study program level which functions as a vehicle for the study and channeling of aspirations, empowerment, development and unifying students of the Food Technology Study Program. With this function, it is hoped that the creation of intellectuals with independent personalities, global insight, patriotism spirit and upholding human values.

HIMATEPA's vision

Become a forum for Food Technology family that is aspirational, prestigious, professional and responsible.

Mission :

  • Build family values among HIMATEPA members.
  • Gets the aspirations of all elements.
  • Developing the potential talents and interests of HIMATEPA members so that they get both academic and non-academic achievements.
  • Improve the quality of members to realize HIMATEPA professionalism.
  • Realizing responsible human resources for the organization and society.

Himatepa Work Program

  • Industry Orientation

To provide real knowledge to the industry regarding previously studied theories.

  • Food Seminar

To increase knowledge about problems or new Food issues to be able to broaden the knowledge of Food Technology and Health students and SMA / K students and the equivalent.

  • Food Debate Competition

To become a forum for SMA / K equal students to convey creative and rational arguments on a debated issue, and to promote the University of Sahid Jakarta.

Social media

Instagram: himatepa.usahid