Syaifulloh, S.Sos

Head of Sub Directorate of Student & Alumni Affairs


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The Law Study Program Student Association (HMP-IH) is part of the student executive body at the Department or Study Program level, which functions as the daily administrator of student government at the Department or Study Program level. As a forum for implementing and developing student activities, especially in the Law Studies Study Program. Such agenda of personality development and enhancement of insight and intellect as well as the development of students' talents and interests would not have been possible without a management at the Department / Prodi level.

The Law Study Program Student Association (HMP-IH) which functions as a very important forum, namely: accommodating the aspirations of students of the Law Science Department, examining scientific interdisciplinary, organizational, and community service.

In carrying out HMP activities, he is responsible to the Dean

HMP Law Science is an organization that was born from the needs of the student community, which is expected to be able to accommodate student unrest which is part of student life, HMP Law Science is not only directing and functioning to realize the real work of students, but also must ensure the sustainability of student progress. so that this student organization is able to produce cadres of the Legal profession who are noble and competitive.

HMPIH vision

Realizing the HMP of Legal Studies as an organization that serves and nurtures students so that students who are active, have integrity, have broad insight and are competent in their fields.


  • Create and run quality work programs and support the organizational potential of members of the HMP Legal Studies.
  • Improve the quality of active students in academic and non-academic fields by providing training and opportunities to compete.
  • Making HMP of Law Science as a channel for aspirations as well as providing solutions to problems experienced by active students.
  • Making HMP of Law Science as a cooperative, communicative, and contributive organization to organizational activities at the faculty and university levels.
  • Maintain integrity and a sense of kinship among all active students by running work programs that uphold togetherness.

Organizational structure

Chairman : Muhamad Luay Al Hakim
Vice Chairman : Fahrisal Farizi
Secretary : Nika Wela Romadhanti
Treasurer : Dery Hendriawan
Education and training division

  • Nia Ajeng Cinthya Dewi (division head)
  • Edenia Ghina Fadia Puteri
  • Theresia Leonita Marsaulina
  • Elsyah

Research and community service Division

  • Fahmi Azis (division head)
  • Tiar Elsa Rosalinda
  • Riyah Zamharirah Al Fani
  • Crysmariyos Andre Ohoira

Entrepreneurship Division

  • Sifa Silvia Amalia (division head)
  • Muhammad Rizky Ariyanto
  • Ayuni Zudya Suryani
  • Nadiyah Ulfa

Public Relations and Publications Division

  • Angga abbiyudana (division head)
  • Mutiara Maha Rani
  • Muhammad Ansari

Social media

Instagram: hmpfh_usahid
Line: @ 074twjhi

Activities (HMP Work Program)

  • Webinars Via Zoom & Youtube
  • Social Assistance (Bansos)
  • Seminar
  • Moot Court Simulation (available on Youtube)