Syaifulloh, S.Sos

Head of Sub Directorate of Student & Alumni Affairs


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The Student Association of the Industrial Engineering Study Program (HMPTI), Sahid University Jakarta, is one of the student organizations under the auspices of the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Engineering, Sahid University Jakarta. The Industrial Engineering Study Program Student Association is oriented towards student activities related to the Industrial Engineering profession. Currently, the new chairman of the Sahid University Jakarta Industrial Engineering Student Association has just been elected, which after the new chairman is elected then he determines his team to be invited to work together in running the organization in the Sahid University Jakarta Industrial Engineering Student Association.

The need for a goal, the implementation of activities, management, and so on, are very necessary for the new management. Because, so that the new management has direction or purpose in carrying out its duties and responsibilities in carrying out a management. For this reason, he outlines all forms that will be carried out by the Sahid Jakarta Industrial Engineering Student Association for the management of the 2019-2020 period in this general guideline.

HMPTI is the Industrial Engineering Student Association, an official organization within the campus of Sahid University Jakarta, and under the auspices of BEM FT and Sahid University Jakarta, is a communication forum that aims to increase the academic potential of all Industrial Engineering students.

HMPTI's vision

Become an association of Industrial Engineering students who are professional, creative, and with integrity, with a passion for building HMPTI and upholding family values, honesty, and responsibility.

Mission :

  • Building the character of Industrial Engineering students to be more creative and innovative in preparing for the future era.
  • Making Industrial Engineering students able to develop and empower potential, soft skills, and hard skills.
  • Creating an Industrial Engineering student association as a forum for accommodating and channeling the aspirations of all HMPTI members.
  • Creating a family atmosphere in Industrial Engineering student activities.

HMPTI Membership Composition 2020-2021

Chairman : Bella Indah Permata Sari
Secretary : Frieda Farchiyah
Treasurer : Bagas Kurnia Putra
Dept. Research & Development : Stevanya Antonia
Education & Science Division : David Cantona, M. Rahman Devgary
Organizational Division : Yanuar S, Virgiawan A
Dept. PR : Ferianto
External Division : Edi Susilo, Dafa Rusnaldi
Internal Division : Rijal Rahman, Permana Abdi
Dept. Household : Delfi Gustina, Savira Syahrani
Dept. Kominfo : Hashemi B, M. Farrij Alsyah
Member : Naimatun Kiftiyah, Refan Noviyanto, Hilwa Muzna, Rizky Gunawan

Work program

  • Webinars
  • Industrial Engineering Training

HMPTI activities

  • Entrepreneurship Talkshow
  • Virtual Seminar on K3
  • Cross Generations Discussion Webinar
  • Industry visit