Syaifulloh, S.Sos

Head of Sub Directorate of Student & Alumni Affairs


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The Environmental Engineering Student Association (HMPTL) of Sahid University Jakarta is one of the student organizations under the auspices of the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Engineering, Sahid University Jakarta. The Environmental Engineering Study Program student association is oriented towards student activities related to the Environmental Engineering profession. Currently, the new chairman of the Sahid University Jakarta Environmental Engineering Student Association has just been elected, which after the new chairman is elected, then the chairman determines his team to be invited to work together in running the organization in the Environmental Engineering Student Association of Sahid University Jakarta.

The need for a goal, the implementation of activities, management, and so on, are very necessary for the new management. Because, so that the new management has direction or purpose in carrying out its duties and responsibilities in carrying out a management.

HMPTL vision

The realization of HMPTL as an organization that is harmonious, professional, synergistic, and plays an active role in preserving the environment in accordance with the environmental engineering profession.


  • Improve the existence of HMPTL to the community through work programs that are environmentally sound.
  • Synergize with other administrators to make HMPTL an active organization in dealing with environmental issues.
  • Participate actively in protecting the environment through its work program.
  • Increasing the dynamics of the management in order to increase management professionalism.

Structural HMPTL Membership Period 2020-2021

Chairman: Hamid Al Fiqhy
Secretary: Isandi Syahputra
Treasurer: House of Yatna
Dept. Education & Profession: Muhammad Daffa Rabbani
Dept. Action & Movement: Kris Erlangga, Dede Setiawan
Dept. Business funds: M. Alfin Akbar, Feri Andi Saputra
PR: Ahmad Giffari, Irfan Fadhilah
Dept. Kominfo: Farah Fadhilah, M. Rifqi Asyari

Work program

  • Community service
  • HMP Discuss

HMPTL activities

  • Industry Visit
  • Clean-up with WCD
  • HMP discussing
  • Training activities