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Student Affairs News

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Jakarta Usahid Pilmapres 2021

In the context of Selection of Outstanding Students, Sahid University Jakarta has passed the selection of 10 students, and will continue the second selection which will be held on June 3, 2021

Inauguration of the Usahid Ormawa Management

The Directorate of Student and Character Development Student Affairs -KPKA Usahid, once again carries out a routine agenda every year, namely the Inauguration of the Student Organization Management - Ormawa within the Usahid environment. Management Inauguration


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New Recruitment Requirements: Live in Jakarta (KTP DKI) and study in Jakarta The documents that must be completed are as follows: 1. Application letter (download format

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Sahid University has several organizations that accommodate student activities based on hobbies, sports, arts, religion, and the scientific community.

Student Activity Unit (UKM)

Student Executive Board (BEM)