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Vocational education programs at the Diploma 3 level require a shorter study period than undergraduate degrees. Usually there are 112 credits that must be completed by a D3 student, while a prospective Bachelor must take about 144 credits - each campus and study program has a different credit score.

When converted during the study period, the D3 program can be completed in three years, while the S1 program takes four years. It should be noted, we also have control in determining the length of the study period. For example, if you have to repeat several courses because you don't pass or you want to improve your grades, of course you will need a longer study time.

The D3 lecture program has more practical content, focusing on certain skills. In contrast to undergraduate courses, more scientific theories and thoughts are studied and developed here.

That is why reading and the ability to sit for long periods of study are important skills for undergraduate students. Moreover, undergraduate students must write a thesis at the end of their study period - which is necessary literacy skills which is good enough.

Don't D3 students have to read a lot? Well, it's not exactly the case. Before completing the study period, D3 students must also write a final report - which is not as complex as a thesis.

The D3 graduate degree is an Associate Expert (A.Md.) followed by the field of expertise. For example, an alumni of the nursing department holds an A.Md.Per. Meanwhile, the bachelor's degree is Bachelor, followed by the field of expertise. For example, an alumni of science with the title S.Si.

On the other hand, if you already know very well about passion us, the D3 level is not a bad option that is not worth considering. Moreover, if the area of interest is more related to skill, like photography.

Study program

Following are the courses available for Diploma III;