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Postgraduate Campus
Sahid Sudirman Residence, Lt. 5 | Jl. Jendral Sudirman No. 86, Jakarta 10220.

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Developing a curriculum based on the Decree of the Minister of National Education Number. 232 / U / 2000 and 045 / U / 2002 regarding the Core Curriculum of Higher Education, Kepmen of National Education No. 232 / U / 2000 concerning Guidelines for Higher Education Curriculum Development and Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes, as well as Minister of Research and Technology - Higher Education Regulation no. 44 yrs. 2015 on National Higher Education Standards. In addition, curriculum development involves professional groups such as the Association for Higher Education in Communication Studies (ASPIKOM), the Association of Indonesian Communication Studies Scholars (ISKI), alumni and users.

There are 5 concentrations of the Communication Science Doctoral Study Program (DIK), namely:

  • Corporate communications
  • Political communication and diplomacy
  • Media communication
  • Communication and information technology
  • Business communication.


The vision and mission formulated by the Communication Science Doctoral Study Program based on the Decree of the Director No. 132 / SK / SPS-USAHID / VII / 2014, namely:

To become a superior Communication Science Doctoral Study Program characterized by international tourism and entrepreneurship in 2026.


  • Making this study program an educational institution that develops knowledge, technology, and / or art in the field of communication science through research, so as to produce creative, original and tested work.
  • Carry out research activities and carry out scientific publications both from research activities or scientific studies and are popular in the field of communication science.
  • Carry out community service activities in the field of communication, especially those related to corporate communications, politics and diplomacy, media, communication and information technology, and business communications.
  • Expanding the network of collaborative partnerships that are synergistic with various institutions in the field of communication.


The objectives of the Communication Science Doctoral study program are an elaboration of the mission of the study program which contains the following:

  • Become a communication science doctoral study program with good governance.
  • Producing graduates who are competitive and have competences in the fields of communication, tourism and entrepreneurship.
  • Produce research work that contributes to the development of communication science and is beneficial to society.
  • Become a study program with national competence through cooperation tri dharma with communication institutions, both domestic and foreign

Study program

The following are the programs available for Doctoral of Communication Studies (S3) for prospective postgraduate students;