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Sahid University Building, Jakarta
Jl. Prof. Dr. Supomo, SH No. 84 Tebet, South Jakarta 12870.



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The Usahid undergraduate program has proven to be one of the best undergraduate programs in Indonesia with its quality, a large selection of undergraduate programs was formed and tailored to meet the interests of prospective undergraduate students and also to supply skilled workforce in their fields. Usahid undergraduate program provides 8 study program options that can be selected based on 5 fields of the Faculty.

The Faculty of Economics and Business provides 2 study programs. The Faculty of Communication Sciences provides 3 study programs, the Faculty of Engineering provides 2 study programs. The Faculty of Food and Health Technology provides 2 study programs. The Faculty of Law has 1 study program and the Postgraduate program provides 2 study programs.

Study program

The following are the programs available for undergraduate (S1) for prospective students from SMA / SMK and equivalent;