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Adequacy of Temporal Water as an Indicator of Regional Water Availability (Case Study of Upper Ciliwung Watershed)

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Hasan Taswin Arief, S.Sos

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Adequacy of Temporal Water as an Indicator of Regional Water Availability (Case Study of Upper Ciliwung Watershed)

The area of the Upper Ciliwung Watershed covers the peak tourist areas, has an average annual rainfall of more than 3,000 mm, but some areas experience a shortage of raw water during the dry season. This condition is due to the change in the function of green open land into built-up land for tourism and residential facilities at a rate of 12,34% per year, so that rainwater flows directly into the drainage channel, while what enters the ground (infiltration) is only 20%, in addition to the rain distribution that is not equally. For this reason, efforts are needed to address the availability of raw water, given that the raw water needs of rural areas are met from nature, such as rivers, springs, setu and ground water, through indicators. sufficiency of water temporal which can explain the availability of water for one year. The purpose of this study was to determine the availability of water throughout the year from each sub-watershed in the Upper Ciliwung Watershed with an indicator of the adequacy of temporal water. The methods used are: FJ Mock for reliable discharge analysis, Pollutan Index for water quality analysis, water balance for water surplus and deficit, and temporal water adequacy index (IKaT). The analysis results show: (a). Ciseuseupan sub-watershed for the category of water availability is included in the insufficient category (score 4), while in the category of insufficient temporal water availability (score 3) (b) Cibogo sub-watershed in the category of water availability is in insufficient status (score 3) However, in the category of adequate temporal water, it is included in the medium status (score 2) (c) Cisarua sub-watershed, both for the availability and sufficiency category of temporal water, it is in moderate status (score 2), and (c) Ciesek sub-watershed, Upper Ciliwung, and Cisakabirus has a score of 1 both for adequacy of temporal water and water availability.

Authors: Agus Susanto, M. Yanuar J. Purwanto, Bambang Pramudya, Etty Riani
Journal: http://jurnal.usahid.ac.id/index.php/tekno/article/view/158

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