D3 Broadcasting (PR)

Join Usahid and develop your potential by studying disciplines that suit your interests and career plans!

faculty of Communication

Soepomo Campus
Ragil Bagaswara
Ragil Bagaswara
5 out of 5 stars
7 months ago
Good place, cool atmosphere especially the lobby room





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Join Usahid and develop your potential by studying disciplines that suit your interests and career plans

This study program is suitable for those of you who aspire to work in TV and radio stations. This study program is also right for those of you who are communicative, 'sissy appear', creative, camera face, and most importantly: tough. The world of broadcasting also needs you, a great young generation who can bring Indonesian broadcasters to a better role in carrying out their functions to inform, to persuade, to educate, and to entertain. Creating high-quality and educational content, is not only limited to pursuing ratings and profits, as well as providing balanced and impartial information.

Broadcasting graduates are expected to become professional practitioners in the field of broadcasting who are pragmatic, entrepreneurial, innovative, creative, productive and have analytical abilities. Have marketing communication skills, and be able to create effective advertising strategies in publication media. Prepare a work plan for the editorial of a broadcasting institution in accordance with broadcasting principles. As well as being able to process news material, and present it in print and electronic mass media.


  • Introduction to Public Relations
  • Introduction to Communication
  • Photography Technique
    Creative Thinking
  • Vocal Technique and News Presentation
  • Radio and Television Script Writing
  • Camera Technique

The vision of Sahid University's D3 Public Relations Study Program is:

"To become a superior study program in education and the development of public relations practice in the broadcasting sector characterized by tourism and entrepreneurship".

The missions of the Sahid University Public Relations Study Program are:

  1. Organizing healthy faculty governance in the implementation of university autonomy at Sahid University
  2. Organizing quality education and teaching that produces superior human resources in public relations practice in broadcasting and is characterized by tourism and entrepreneurship.
  3. Carrying out research and community service in the context of developing public relations practices;
  4. Build and enhance cooperation with public relations and broadcasting institutions both nationally and internationally.

faculty of Communication

No. Name Position
1  Dr. Mirza Ronda, Drs, M.Si,  Dean
2  Nandang Mulyasantosa, Drs, M.Si, MM  Deputy Dean
3  Dr. Hayu Lusianawati, STP., MSi  Head of Study Program. S1 Communication Science
4  Mila Falma Masful, SS, MIKom  Head of Prodi.D-3 Hub. Public
5  Husen Mony, SIK, M.Si  Deputy Director of Communication Science Study Program
6  Lilik Murdiyanto, S.Sos, M.Si  Deputy Director of D-3 Public Relations Study Program
7  Nurul Haniza, Dra, M.Si  Head of Laboratory
8  Arry Rahayunianto, Drs, MM, M.Si  Coord. Parallel Class
  1. Mastering the conception of public relations in general and have the ability to solve problems procedurally.
  2. Able to conduct media monitoring, media relations, and implementation of public relations campaign activities.
  3. Able to manage internal and external media / public relations channels to build relationships with various publics.
  4. Able to make and present a public relations activity program written report.
  5. Mastering information and communication technology for the field of public relations.
  6. Able to perform analysis of all aspects that can support the accuracy and accuracy of work implementation in the field of public relations

Supporting competencies are based on Usahid's PIP, namely graduates have competencies characterized by:

  1. Tourism
  2. Entrepreneurship

The profile of graduates of the Diploma Three Public Relations Study Program of Sahid University Jakarta will provide value and will play a role in the advancement of Public Relations in Indonesia, both in the order of industry players, local governments, and the central government (outcome). The profile of graduates of the Public Relations Diploma Three Study Program is able to contribute both from the aspect of thought, and implementation by upholding the principles of professionalism, development based on achievement, and emphasizing the applicable code of ethics. Graduates of the Sahid Jakarta Public Relations Diploma Three Study Program are expected to be:

  1. Public Relations Practitioner
  2. Public Relations Trainer
  3. Event Organizer
  4. TV and Radio Creator
  5. Cameraman / Cameraman
  6. TV and Radio editor
  7. Television / Radio Streaming Programmer
  8. Content Creator
  9. Screenwriter
  10. Photographer and video editor

Hi .. I am Princess Ayudhiya Zhafirah, called Fira. I graduated from D3 Brodcasting from Sahid University, class of 2014. I now work at MVP Pictures as a promo / social media digital video editor. I really like studying at Usahid especially D3 Broadcasting major. During college, he got a lot. From studying at the campus, where the lecturers were really crazy teaching them, they continued to practice during college, the knowledge came quickly because the teaching was good. Often create programs from production to post pro. The knowledge gained is also very useful until now in the world of work.

Princess Ayudhiya Zhafirah
Alumni D3 Broadcasting USAHID - Video Editor Digital Promo MVP Pictures