Doctoral of Communication Science

Join Usahid and develop your potential by studying disciplines that suit your interests and career plans!

Graduate School

Postgraduate Campus
Ragil Bagaswara
Ragil Bagaswara
5 out of 5 stars
7 months ago
Good place, cool atmosphere especially the lobby room





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Join Usahid and develop your potential by studying disciplines that suit your interests and career plans

USAHID Postgraduate School is the only private university in Indonesia that organizes a Doctor of Communication Science (DIK) program, by providing access to quality higher education with a curriculum that is tailored to face increasingly complex challenges and needs. Sahid University DIK has a conducive academic atmosphere and a variety of student backgrounds is very important to open students' horizons.

The USAHID Postgraduate School Communication Science Doctoral Program not only provides scientific insights in the field of communication but also prepares communication science reviewers to be able to adapt and open themselves to increasingly rapid changes in various aspects such as economy, politics, social and culture.


To become a superior Communication Science Doctoral Study Program characterized by international tourism and entrepreneurship in 2026.


  1. Making this study program an educational institution that develops knowledge, technology, and / or art in the field of communication science through research, so as to produce creative, original and tested work;
  2. Carry out research activities and carry out scientific publications both from research activities or scientific studies and are popular in the field of Communication Sciences;
  3. Carrying out community service activities in the field of communication, especially those related to Corporate Communications, Politics and Diplomacy, Media, Communication and Information Technology, and Business Communication;
  4. Expanding the network of collaborative partnerships that are synergistic with various institutions in the field of communication.


  1. Become a communication science doctoral study program with good governance;
  2. Producing graduates who are competitive and have competences in the fields of communication, tourism and entrepreneurship;
  3. Produce research work that contributes to the development of communication science and is beneficial to society;
  4. To become a study program with national competence through Tri Dharma's collaboration with communication institutions, both domestic and foreign.

Postgraduate School Leadership (SPS)

No. Name Position
1  Dr. Marlinda Irwanti Poernomo, SE, M.Si  director
2  Dr. Jamalullail, S.IP, M.Si  Secretary
3  Dr. Dra. Titi Widaningsih, M.Si  Ka. Study Program. DIK
4  Dr. Rahtika Diana, Bcomm, M.Si  Waka.Prodi. DIK
5  Dr. Tatan Sukwika, M.Si  Ka. MM Study Program
6  Dr. Hifni Alifahmi, M.Si  Ka. MIK Study Program


Concentration of Communication Science Doctoral Study Program:

  • Corporate Communications
  • Political Communication & Automation
  • Media Communication
  • Communication and Information Technology
  • Business communication


Graduates of USAHID's DIK Graduate School are expected to be able to develop scientific insights at a philosophical level and have implications for the development of science in the field of communication and graduates are expected to have integrity and high scientific attitudes.


As the only private provider of Doctoral Communication Sciences in Indonesia, Sahid University offers a different teaching approach, namely combining Theory and Implementation in industry and social life. Teaching is delivered in a discussion method by professors and doctors who understand progressive, critical and philosophical studies. As a student, I get a more comprehensive perspective in understanding the surrounding phenomena and in making new works.

King of the Revolution
USAHID Postgraduate Communication Science Doctoral Student - Media Practitioner & Entrepreneur

As a student of the Communication Science Doctoral program, I learned to look at problems with a multi-perspective, strategic perspective, which is expected to be able to provide solutions based on data, research, observation, research, current conditions, discussions with supervisors, creating journals and other scientific publication formats that are expected to be raised Indonesia's name again to be respected in the world education sector.

Charles Bonar Sirait
USAHID Postgraduate Communication Science Doctoral Student - Founder of CBS School of Communications

It is an honor to have been part of the USAHID Postgraduate School, with a campus scientific atmosphere that is very supportive of colliding with ideas and case analysis so as to be able to develop effective communication strategies in the fields of business, politics and public communication.

Dr. Andre Ikhsano, M.Si
USAHID Postgraduate Communication Science Doctoral Alumni - Rector of LSPR Communication and Business Institute