Legal studies

Join Usahid and develop your potential by studying disciplines that suit your interests and career plans!

faculty of Law

Soepomo Campus
Ragil Bagaswara
Ragil Bagaswara
5 out of 5 stars
7 months ago
Good place, cool atmosphere especially the lobby room





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Join Usahid and develop your potential by studying disciplines that suit your interests and career plans

Do you have concern about the law in Indonesia? Want to become a lawyer? Prosecutor ? Judge? or Legal Officer in a company or government agency? Studying in the Bachelor of Law study program is the main gate for those of you who want to have a career in the Law field. The Faculty of Law, Sahid University provides education and teaching of Law Science which is oriented towards mastering business law and procedural law, characterized by tourism and entrepreneurship. Learning activities are supported by debfab with various facilities for practicing law with teaching staff from academics and practitioners who are experienced in their fields, including Judges, Advocates, Notary Curators, and Legal Consultants. USAHID's Undergraduate Law Study Program trains you through the Moot Court and practice directly, through the Consultation and Legal Aid Institute (LKBH) by submitting cases to the Court, including the Constitutional Court. Wow, it's really exciting, and if you study here, you also have the opportunity to practice justice directly with successful alumni. Studying in this department you will learn about laws in Indonesia and internationally and also you will follow various judicial practices.

" Become Reliable and Leading Legal Practitioner (Becoming a Professional Legal Practitioner)


The vision of the Law Study Program is to become an excellent Law Study Program in the fields of Business Law and Procedural Law which is characterized by tourism and entrepreneurship in 2030.


  1. Carrying out legal education and teaching oriented to the mastery of business law and procedural law, characterized by tourism and entrepreneurship.
  2. Developing research and community service in the fields of business law and procedural law.
  3. Developing good governance and collaboration between the Study Program with other higher education institutions and related institutions.


  1. Realizing USAHID as a university with healthy governance.
  2. Realizing USAHID as a higher education institution that implements the Tri Dharma characterized by tourism and entrepreneurship.
  3. Become a higher education institution that participates in community development.

Head of the Faculty of Law (FH)

No. Name Position
1  Liza Marina, SH, MH  Dean
2  Dr. Yuherman, SH, MH.M.Kn  Ka. Law Studies Study Program
3  Dr. Dessy Sunarsi, SH, MM  Coord. Laboratory

Law Study Program Competencies

  1. Able to proceed professionally in court.
  2. Having expertise in the field of draft laws
  3. Able to draft a Contract
  4. Have the ability to speak English

Career Prospects in Law Study Program

  1. Legal Officer in Government Agencies, Private Companies, BUMN, and Business Entities
  2. Young administrators or legal staff at agencies
  3. Supervisor in the Human Resources Development department (Human Resources Development).
  4. Young legal researchers working for auditors, appraisal, surveyor institute or independent institution
  5. Legal or Lawyer assistants at the Law Office, Notary Office / PPAT and curator

Furthermore, after attending special education he can become a judge, prosecutor, police, A.rbiter, Notary, PPAT, Legal Consultant, A.dvocat, Curator, and Diplomats.