Master of Communication Science

Join Usahid and develop your potential by studying disciplines that suit your interests and career plans!

Postgraduate School

Postgraduate Campus
Ragil Bagaswara
Ragil Bagaswara
5 out of 5 stars
7 months ago
Good place, cool atmosphere especially the lobby room





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Join Usahid and develop your potential by studying disciplines that suit your interests and career plans

USAHID Postgraduate Master of Communication Science Program provides the opportunity for you to earn a Master of Communication Science (M.IKom) degree. The aim of this study program is to produce superior human resources in the field of Communication Science in accordance with the demands of the world of work.

The learning methods applied by MIK include: interactive lectures, collaborative learning, group discussions, simulations, case studies, cooperative learning, project-based learning, and problem-based learning.


To become an excellent Master of Communication Science Study Program characterized by international tourism and entrepreneurship in the period 2026.


  1. Implementing study program governance based on the principles of transparency, accountability, sustainability;
  2. Organizing a structured teaching and learning process to produce competitive graduates who are able to align communication knowledge with tourism and entrepreneurship;
  3. Disseminating the results of applied research and assessing appropriate actions in an effort to improve the quality of life of the community;
  4. Developing national and international networks in order to create study programs that have national and international competences.


  1. Become a master study program in communication science with good governance;
  2. Producing graduates who are competitive and have competences in the fields of communication, tourism and entrepreneurship;
  3. Produce research work that contributes to the development of communication science and is beneficial to society;
  4. To become a study program with national competence through Tri Dharma's collaboration with communication institutions, both domestic and foreign.

Postgraduate School Leadership (SPS)

No. Name Position
1  Dr. Marlinda Irwanti Poernomo, SE, M.Si  director
2  Dr. Jamalullail, S.IP, M.Si  Secretary
3  Dr. Dra. Titi Widaningsih, M.Si  Ka. Study Program. DIK
4  Dr. Rahtika Diana, Bcomm, M.Si  Waka.Prodi. DIK
5  Dr. Tatan Sukwika, M.Si  Ka. MM Study Program
6  Dr. Hifni Alifahmi, M.Si  Ka. MIK Study Program


The Master of Communication Studies Program offers 5 concentration / specialization options as a focus of expertise to sharpen the fields of graduate competence, namely:

  1. Marketing Communication
    Learn about: Digital IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications), IMC Planning, Branding, Marcom Social Media.
  1. Tourism Communication
    Learn about: Destination Brand development, Tourism Promotion, Marketing, Communication & Public Relations.
  1. Corporate Communication / Public Relations
    Learn about: Digital Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Corporate Branding, Corporate Image & Reputation.
  1. Political Communication                                                                                                                                         Learn about: Political Branding & Marketing, Candidate Personal Branding, Political Communications.
  1. New Media Journalism
    Learn about: New Media Communications, Media & Cultural Transformation, New Media & Journalism.

MIK graduates can have a career as:

  1. Managerial positions in industry
    Communication technology industry, corporate communication or public relations, marketing communications, tourism communications, media and other industries as Manager, General Manager, Vice President and Director.
  1. Entrepreneur
    Innovative entrepreneurs working in the communication technology industry and digital era media business, as well as other related real sectors
  1. Researchers and Lecturers
    Take part in public / private educational institutions, government agencies, and agencies on a national or international scale.
  1. Consultants & Experts
    Take part in the private sector, government, state-owned enterprises and non-profits.

As an alumni of the USAHID Postgraduate Master of Communication Science, I learned to be more innovative and professional in the business and media business world of the digital era.

Arnhezky Mansyur
USAHID SPS MIK Alumni - Entrepreneur & Entertainer