Industrial Engineering

Join Usahid and develop your potential by studying disciplines that suit your interests and career plans!

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Join Usahid and develop your potential by studying disciplines that suit your interests and career plans

Industrial engineering is a science that studies industrial processes in terms of both management and engineering. Industrial engineering focuses on designing, upgrading, and installing integrated systems that require the role of people, materials, equipment and energy. Sahid University's S1 Industrial Engineering Study Program is characterized by entrepreneurship and tourism. If you like engineering as well as management, majoring in Industrial Engineering is the right choice. With Indonesia's developing economy, many industries are moving fast. Unlike other engineering majors, Industrial Engineering is unique across various disciplines, especially management. The job market is very wide open.

Industrial Engineering for better Life (Industrial Engineering for a Better Life)


To become a superior Industrial Engineering Study Program characterized by tourism and entrepreneurship.


  1. Organizing quality industrial engineering education in support of tourism
  2. To contribute thoughts actively through research and community service oriented to the development of the tourism sector
  3. Forming and fostering students who have personalities who are entrepreneurial and professional

Leaders of the Faculty of Engineering (FT)

No. Name Position
1  Dr. Ninin Gusdini, ST, MT  Dean
2  Soecahyadi, ST, MT  Deputy Dean
3  Laila Febrina, ST, M.Si  Ka. Environmental Engineering Study Program
4  Lisa Ratnasari, ST, MT  Ka. Industrial Engineering Study Program
5  Ira Mulyawati, S.Si, MT  Coord. Laboratory
6  Farhat Umar, Ir, M.Si  Ka. MKU-PIP Management Unit

Competence of Industrial Engineering Study Program

  1. Mastering theoretical concepts of natural science, engineering mathematics applications; engineering fundamentals, engineering science and engineering design necessary for the analysis and design of integrated systems
  2. Mastering the principles and techniques of integrated system design with a systems approach
  3. Mastering knowledge of the latest and latest technological developments and communication techniques
  4. Mastering the current principles and issues in economy, social, ecology in general
  5. Able to apply mathematics, science, and engineering principles to solve complex engineering problems in integrated systems (including people, materials, equipment, energy, and information)
  6. Able to identify, formulate and analyze complex engineering problems in integrated systems based on analytical, computational or experimental approaches
  7. Able to formulate solutions to complex engineering problems in integrated systems by paying attention to economic, health and public safety, cultural, social and environmental factors (environmental consideration).
  8. Able to design an integrated system according to the applicable technical, safety and environmental health standards by considering aspects of performance and reliability, ease of implementation and sustainability, as well as paying attention to economic, social and cultural factors.
  9. Able to research and investigate complex engineering problems in integrated systems using basic engineering principles and by carrying out research, analysis, data interpretation and information synthesis to provide solutions.
  10. Able to select resources and utilize appropriate engineering design and analysis tools based on information and computing technology to carry out engineering activities
  11. Able to communicate in writing and orally effectively
    a. Understand the responsibilities of the profession and the ethical aspects of the profession
    b. Able to recognize needs, and manage lifelong self-learning
    c. Able to collaborate in a working group

Career Prospects for Industrial Engineering Study Program

  • Supervisor in the industry
  • Young administrators in government
    In government, Industrial Engineering graduates can work in ministries. Industrial Engineering graduates can also be responsible specifically for handling production planning and control, quality control, development of quality management systems.
  • Consulting expert assistant
    Graduates of the Industrial Engineering study program have the ability to carry out planning and production control activities, quality control, development of quality management systems. The general scope of work of an Industrial Engineering consultant consists of a Planning Consultant, a Design and Construction Consultant, and a Supervisory Consultant.
  • Entrepreneur
    Entrepreneur (entrepreneur) have the ability to independently develop their own expertise in the field of Industrial Engineering, for example market research, technical sales etc. In this case, graduates will have the ability to improve their economy independently and indirectly add new jobs in these fields. In addition, graduates will be able to apply several things related to preparing, designing, and compiling good management in terms of doing work related to landscape architecture that is project-based and able to interact with clients well.