Environmental Engineering

Join Usahid and develop your potential by studying disciplines that suit your interests and career plans!

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Join Usahid and develop your potential by studying disciplines that suit your interests and career plans

Environmental Engineering study program is a science that studies closely related to health. Environmental Engineering students will learn about how to create a healthy and disease-free environment with engineering and technology. The scope of this department is the conservation of water resources, environmental health management, efforts to control pollution, waste treatment, plumbing / piping, drainage systems, to control and control air pollution. In addition, you also learn how to prevent environmental problems from arising in the future. Students studying in this department will also be directed to be able to solve environmental problems, facilitate human work and minimize human errors. You can take advantage of this situation by choosing to major in Environmental Engineering.

The concentration of the Environmental Engineering study program at Sahid University is on environmental management such as environmental tourism objects ranging from planning and management of tourist areas, ecotourism to disaster mitigation of tourist areas. Of course, this will produce professional and superior Environmental Engineering graduates, because the courses provided in this study program are in the form of theory and practice in the field.

Environmental Engineering For Better Life(Environmental Engineering for a Better Life)


Becoming an excellent environmental engineering study program characterized by tourism and entrepreneurship


  1. Organizing quality higher education programs in the field of environmental engineering in supporting tourism and entrepreneurship
  2. Organizing Research and Community Service Oriented to the Development of the Tourism and Entrepreneurship Sector
  3. Implementing Transparent and Accountable Governance


  1. Providing academic services for Environmental Engineering study programs with good governance
  2. Participating actively in the development of tourism and entrepreneurship
  3. Producing graduates who are entrepreneurial in the field of Environmental Engineering expertise

Leaders of the Faculty of Engineering (FT)

No. Name Position
1  Dr. Ninin Gusdini, ST, MT  Dean
2  Soecahyadi, ST, MT  Deputy Dean
3  Laila Febrina, ST, M.Si  Ka. Environmental Engineering Study Program
4  Lisa Ratnasari, ST, MT  Ka. Industrial Engineering Study Program
5  Ira Mulyawati, S.Si, MT  Coord. Laboratory
6  Farhat Umar, Ir, M.Si  Ka. MKU-PIP Management Unit

Environmental Engineering Competencies:

  1. Have the ability to carry out environmental management at least in one of the following aspects: protection of the community from the hazardous environment (hazardous environment), environmental protection, environmental preservation and environmental restoration.
  2. Able to apply basic science of mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry, biology, microbiology and engineering principles (engineering principles) to solve complex engineering problems in environmental management efforts including the management of basic living resources (water, air, land) and control systems for liquid, solid and gas waste.
  3. Able to identify, formulate and solve problems related to the field of Environmental Engineering.
  4. Able to formulate solutions to complex engineering problems in integrated systems by taking into account economic, public health and safety, cultural, social and environmental factors. (environmental consideration)
  5. Able to research and investigate complex engineering problems in integrated systems using basic engineering principles and by carrying out research, analysis, data interpretation and information synthesis to provide solutions.
  6. Mastering the principles and issue current in economy, social, ecology in general

Environmental Engineering Career Prospects

  1. Industry Supervisor / Supervisor: Manufacturing, Construction, Facility Maintenance and Minor Design, Tourism Industry
  2. Young administrators in government Work in government agencies (such as PDAM, PEMDA in the Environment section)
  3. Assistant expert in consultancy
  4. Researcher
  5. Consultant
  6. Entrepreneur