Organizational structure



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Leader of University

Rector: Prof. Dr. Ir. Kholil, M.Kom
Vice Rector I: Dr. Ir. Iman Basriman, M.Si
Vice Rector II: Dr. Nafiah Ariyani, SE., M.Si
Vice Rector III: Bernard Hasibuan, S.Pd., MMSI., Ph.D

Institutions & Centers
Ka. Institute for Research & Community Service (LPPM): Prof. Dr. Ir. Giyatmi Irianto, M.Si
Ka. Institute for Quality Assurance & Learning Development (LPMPP): Dr. Levyda, SE., MM
Ka. Center for Innovation & Business Incubator: Dr. Siti Chairiyah, S.Tp., M.Si

Finance Director: Dra. Ester Dwi Wahyuni, MM
Director of Informatics & Library Resources: Bagus Dwipuro, SE
Director of Public Relations, Cooperation & Marketing: Listyo S. Pratignyo, SH., MM
Director of Character & Alumni Development Student Affairs: Nani Rohani, SH
Director of Human Resources & Infrastructure: Rahayu Retnowati, S.Sos
Director of Academic Administration: Moch. Sambas, SE., MM

Dean faculty of Communication: Dr. Drs. Mirza Ronda, M.Si
Dean Faculty of Economics & Business: Titin Astuti, SE., M.Si
Dean Faculty of Food & Health Technology: Ir. M. Sabariman, M.Si
Dean Faculty of Engineering: Dr. Ninin Gusdini, ST., MT
Dean faculty of Law: Liza Marina, SH., MH

Graduate School
Director: Dr. Marlinda Poernomo, M.Si.
Deputy Director: Dr. Jamalullail, M.Si.
head of the study program
Doctor of Communication Science: Dr. T. Titi Widaningsih, M.Si.
Master of Management: Dr. Tatan Sukwika, M.Si.
Master of Communication Science: Dr. Hifni Alifahmi, M.Si.

Member of the Senate of Sahid University (Period 2019 - 2021)
1. Prof. Dr. lr. Giyatmi, M.Si: Chairman concurrently Member (Head of LPPM / GB FATEPAKES)
2. Ir. Farhat Umar, M.Si: Secretary and Member (FT Lecturer Deputy)
3. Prof. Dr. Ir. Kholil, M.Kom. : Member / Ex. Officio (Chancellor)
4. Dr. Ir. Iman Basriman, M.Si. : Member of Ex. Officio (Vice Chancellor I)
5. Dr. Nafiah Ariyani, SE, M.Si. : Member / Ex. Officio (Vice Chancellor II)
6. Bernard Hasibuan, S.Pd., MMSI, PhD. : Member / Ex. Officio (Vice Chancellor III)
7. Dr. Levyda, SE, MM: Member / Ex. Officio (Head of LPMPP)
8. Dr. Marlinda Irwanti, M.Si: Member / Ex. Officio (Director of SPs)
9. Dr. Ir. Sihono D. Waluyo, M.Si. : Member / Ex. Officio (Dean of FEB)
10. Dr. Mirza Ronda, MSi. : Member / Ex. Officio (Dean of Faculty of Communication Sciences)
11. Dr. Ninin Gusdini, ST., MT. : Member / Ex. Officio (Dean of FT)
12. Ir. Moh. Sabariman, M.Si. : Member / Ex. Officio (Dean of Fatepakes)
13. Liza Marina, SH., MH. : Member / Ex. Officio (Dean of FH)
14. Prof. Drs. H. Showam Masjhuri, SU. : Member / Professor of FEB
15. Prof. Dr. Sutyastie Remi, SE, MS. : Member / Professor of FEB
16. Prof. Dr. Martani Huseini, MBA. : Member / Professor of FEB
17. Prof. J. Supranto, MA., APU: Member / Professor of FEB
18. Prof. Dr. Anwar Arifin, M.Si: Member / Professor of FIKOM
19. Prof. Dr. Ir. Kohar Sulistyadi, MSIE. : Member / Professor of FT
20. Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Hidayat Syarief, MS. : Member / Professor of FT
21. Prof. Dr. Hendra Tanu Atmaja SH., MH. : Member / Professor of FH
22. Prof. Dr. T. Gayus Lumbuun, SH., MH. : Member / Professor of FH
23. Prof. Dr. lr. Rizal Syarief, DESS. : Member / Professor of FATEPAKES
24. Prof. Ir. Hari Eko Irianto, Ph.D: Member / Professor of FATEPAKES
25. Prof. Dr. Nugroho B. Sukamdani, MBA., BET. : Member / Professor of FEB
26. Prof. Dr. Ir. Hardinsyah, MS: Member / Professor of FATEPAKES
27. Dr. Ir Hariyadi Sukamdani, MM. : Members / Permanent Lecturers of SPs
28. Dr. Dra. T. Titi Widaningsih, M.Si. : Members / Permanent Lecturers of SPs
29. Kasman, SE., MM. : Member / Permanent Lecturer of FEB
30. Titin Astuti, SE., M.Si. : Member / Deputy Lecturer of FEB
31. Ir. Abdul Harif Siswanto, MIK. : Member / Deputy Lecturer of FIKOM
32. Drs. Supriadi, M.Si. : Member / Deputy Lecturer of FIKOM
33. Dr. Linda Noviana, M.Si. : Member / Deputy Lecturer of FT
34. Dr. Rahmawati, ST., MSi. : Member / Deputy Lecturer of FATEPAKES
35. Diny Agustini Sandrasari, ST., MSi. : Member / Deputy Lecturer of FATEPAKES
36. Dr. Dessy Sunarsi, SH., MM. : Member / Deputy Lecturer of FH
37. Dr. Yuheman, SH., MH ,. M.Kn. : Member / Deputy Lecturer of FH