Syaifulloh, S.Sos

Head of Sub Directorate of Student & Alumni Affairs


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The student activity unit (UKM) of Pencak Silat Sin Lam Ba of Sahid University Jakarta as an integral part of various student organizations is a forum for students of Sahid University to develop what they have and are directed to become potential cadres who have a vision of a far future orientation and are able to anticipate development. and global development.

In an effort to develop student affairs, all organizational activities are carried out in a conscious, integrated and planned manner by considering aspects of human resource capabilities, program objectives and other supporting facilities whose implementation is seen and adjusted to the coordination, capabilities and needs of the Organization.

In achieving the goals mentioned above, UKM Pencak Silat has the following vision and mission.


Making Martial Arts, especially Pencak Silat Sin Lam Ba, Sahid University Jakarta as role models in the general public and campuses, especially based on the noble values of the Nation-Culture.

Mission :

  • Fostering the values of knights and the noble values of the nation's culture through pencak silat.
  • Developing the creativity, interests, talents and potential of students through martial arts and organizational activities.
  • Providing a forum for participating in competitions, seminars and training as benchmarks and real implementation of activities in order to achieve achievement.

Activities & Work Programs

In carrying out organizational functions, UKM Pencak Silat has activities and work programs including routine training, MILAD UKM Pencak Silat, UKM Pencak Silat training, joint training, and championships.


In recent years, UKM has experienced a few obstacles in participating in external competitions, and some have followed but documents and data are not stored properly.